Remember, the answer is always in the FIGS

We came across this horse racing website horsebettinginsider.com that provides useful information on the popular horse racing events, as well as a helpful guide for horse betting, odds, and contenders. I recommend you check it out.

  • Here it is. A brand new year. A chance to start anew. Subscribe to us and use a most powerful handicapping tool.Start being a winning player...Tired of losing? Give Wiredfigs a try...The ratings are for you to use as a handicapping tool. You should find creative ways to use them. They are a relatively inexpensive accurate tool that should be used in creative ways. Anyone can draw a stick figure but can you paint a beautiful picture? We merely give you the tools. It's up to you how to use them!...All of our members get to see what the Nicos were the previous weekend. Why don't you take a look at them this week & check out what the exactas & trifectas paid. All you need is one big hit to make a great weekend. Give yourself a chance!... For our many full access subscribers, please note that we now offer a 6 month subscription. For the price of 5 months you get 6! That's money in your pocket right off the bat. Not to mention that our ratings are top class. Check out our sample page and check it against the results. Get yourself professional information that is not shared by everyone!...Please visit our purchase package page and help me keep my promise to St. Jude. We are making Nico Numbers available in 6 and 12-month memberships. For $29.95 you can purchase a Nico Numbers subscription that will provide you with the Nico best bet information every weekend for 6 months. We will then donate $5 to St. Jude and e-mail you a copy of the receipt of such donation. If you buy the 12-month subscription for $49.95 we will donate $10. By helping me keep my promise, I can promise you this: You will achieve 40% winners with the Nicos. Not only that, but Nicos will place 65% of the time. When you consider that favorites win at a 33% rate and place at 55% you can see where this gives you an edge. And at better prices. If you play exotics, this information is even more valuable. I've made some of my biggest scores using what we call a "Nico" as a key horse in a wager. You can have a great season of Nico key plays at a real bargain price. So give yourself an edge and do something fantastic at the same time for the kids at St. Jude that need our help. You're a winner as soon as you do!...We have packages for every budget. Wiredfigs is the best value in racing. Great results at great prices. Our results rival or surpass the competition whether it's other reports or graphs...Full Access packages are now available on a daily basis. This way if you are a weekend simulcast player, you can have access to all available tracks on a certain day. At $11.95 they are a great weapon to have at simulcast. Look for it on our purchase package page...Below are a couple of very successful tips on how to use Wiredfigs' ratings reports. We do however, encourage you to find other ways to put the ratings to work for you. Please be a little flexible. For example, if the 4th rated horse is only 10th's of a point from being the 3rd choice, use him! If you don't you'll be missing out on some great pay-offs! That's what Wiredfigs does. It points out overlays. So please, do not be too rigid in your handicapping... To all our racetrack brethren, find out what our subscribers already know.... the answer is always in the "FIGS"...For the "little guy" we always recommend the following exacta play. Use the top 3 rated over the top 5 rated, ie:123/12345. For a dollar exacta, this ticket cost $12. This gives you a shot at a nice score and we had many in the past year! ...Our resident exacta expert, Raul Rottenstein, likes to use the aforementioned method with a twist. He'll use 5 over 3 instead of 3 over 5. We call it the "Raul Reverse". You'll get better prices, but it does hit a little less often. However, the value you'll get will make up for it!...As always, don't forget to look for value. Remember...the answer is always in the FIGS!
Wiredfigs Commentary:
  • You can achieve success with our ratings and a little smarts. For instance when the top rated horse is an underlay, play the next highest or third highest rated horse. If the 2nd or 3rd highest rated horses are both "good" odds play them both! With Wiredfigs those horses are known to pay double digits. For example take the Breeders' Cup on November 2nd,2012. The 4th,5th and 6th races were won by Hightail ($32.80) Calidioscopo ($36.40) & Flotilla ($24.80).. Our ratings had them all in our top 3! As handicappers you are supposed to be looking for value. There they were staring you right in the face at terrific odds. Believe us, there are many other plays like this with Wiredfigs. You don't have to be right many times with horses that pay 10-1 or higher. As a matter of fact, Wiredfigs had 3 more $20 plus horses on day 2 of the cup. It was truly a fantastic "Cup" for us! Our successful clients understand this. So should you... Now for the more conservative player out there. If you get your kicks from picking many winners then check out Nico Best Bet Numbers. The odds are usually low but we guarantee 41% winners over the course of a year. It's when we finish 2nd that usually lights up the board when you key a Nico horse with a longshot! Use of the Nicos in exotic wagering is highly recommended! Come find out what we can do for your play. We think you will be very pleased. Remember, the answer is always in the "figs".
Customer comments:
- "Just wanted to drop you a little note. Been playing the horses 35 to 40 years. Keenland , to me has always been a hard track to handicap. Your top pick won seven straight races today. The third thru the nineth. That was great handicapping by the Figs."

- "Loved your comments use of Wired Figs is an art not a science. I use them to construct many different bets. If every day was 110% they would cost thousands. I love your work and I am making a profit." Rick, Ohio

- " I finally got to play Saratoga yesterday. I have just been incredibly busy. Anyway, I was just cruisin along for the first 5 races with winners paying $9.90, 10.60, 20.30, and 7.20 along with exactas paying 21.40, 64.00 and 23.60. Then came race 6 where I loved the top 3 wiredfig horses, one of which was 34-1. I played that one Joppa Flat's to win along with the other 8-1 horse to win and I boxed all 3 in the exacta and trifecta. Lo and behold Joppa Flats won and paid a whopping $70.00. I had the exacta for $354.50 and the tri for $1,589.00. I also had the double for $285.50 and the pick 3 for $4,773.00. I have never won so much on 1 race before in my life. What a score! The answer is always in the figs. Thanks for doing a great job with the numbers." Eddie R.

- "At the pha, with your 123/12345 on sat, after nine races six winners, last one paid $151. Not bad." Nesor

- "I recently was working my magic at the Arlington OTB when I overheard two guys talking about WIREDFIGS and how they got 3/4 of their picks from that site alone. I jumped in to tell them that WF just gave me a pick three worth just over $500 at Mountaineer Park. We played the WF numbers the rest of the night and all of us hit an exacta and a trifecta before the night was through" Vinnie - Arlington Heights, IL

- " Hit the Breeder's Cup 5th Superfecta! Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!" John M"

- " Happy Holidays and I must say that I have been having very good success playing Philly latley with your numbers. I plan to be a regular purchaser of your product. I always include a hot post time dropping odds horse in with my plays and its been paying off." Thanks-Paul and Tom"

- " Today was the first day I started playing the ponies this year so I decided to play your figs for evangeline downs. What a great first day it turned out to be thanks to wired figs, I won multiple pick 3's and a few trifectas. One of the pick 3 payoffs was 991.00 and one of the tris was 1200.00. Keep up the good work." Anthony - Alpine, CA